Over the years people have been kind enough to spontaneously share their gratitude with me. Below are a couple of unsolicited comments that have been modified only to maintain confidentiality of the people who wrote them.

Individual therapy:

- By the way - you asked me how I do what I do everyday.  I couldn't do it without you.  You help sustain me. Your words, your thoughts, your wisdom, your genuine love are like manna from heaven.  They all help me to be able to access something deep inside me that allow me to keep moving forward each day.   I shudder to think where my life would be were you not in it.  I know that you likely believe that you are just simply another person in this universe, but you are definitely here for a clear cut purpose which is to touch people's lives in a profound way.  My sincere and profound gratitude always.

Couple’s therapy:

- I speak for my wife and I when I say that we are enjoying a really loving week all together -- starting the moment we both arrived home after our last appointment.  We talk about how our sessions are such hard work but incredibly enlightening, influential, and rewarding - and that we are both so thankful to have found you, in particular.  We find that your approach and wisdom are so powerful for us, and yet feel so safe at the same time... feeling incredibly grateful.

Most people usually aren’t excited when they first learn that a neuropsychological evaluation is recommended. However for many people a good quality thorough evaluation can make an important difference. Here's what some folks have shared without me asking:

From Parents:

- I wanted to thank you for the compassion you showed my son when giving him his test results. His anxiety level has decreased and he is more receptive to using the tools you suggested. It has given us a starting point from which to work. My sensitivity to him has increased just by knowing how anxious his struggle makes him. Thanks for showing me that aspect of this. So appreciate your expertise.

- Thank you, Theresa. I'm rushing around getting ready for a business trip. But I just opened your invoice and told my wife the final charge and said, "That was money well spent." And her response was a definitive "Oh, yeah." We both are so thankful for the tremendous insights that you shared and for your great sincerity and professionalism. Yes, there was a lot to process, but we learned so much from the discussion. Thanks again, and all the best.

- The school psychologist, his teacher, the learning specialist and the vice principal, all said they thought your report was extremely thorough and well written.  They all expressed how impressed they were and how helpful your report was.  So thank you, Theresa.

From Local Professionals:

- First of all, thank you!  I'm so glad that we choose to have our daughter evaluated by you.  Your evaluation was extremely thorough and your delivery of the information was wonderful, very understanding and in with a wonderful manner- thank you for that!

- I am not sure if I mentioned to you how FANTASTIC your evaluation is!  I am just finishing her report and I am so impressed by how thoroughly and accurately you described her difficulties. I know how much time it takes to get it right with the kiddos and thought you should know what a fantastic job you did. She does have a Language Based Learning Disability and because of your report the school’s team and I were able to test pertinent areas and highlight her challenges.

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