Dealing with Fear

How to not let fear impact your life

When a problem arises, instead of getting upset because of your unfulfilled expectations and distracting yourself with some external activity, relax, sit down and examine the situation with your own mind. Doing this is much more constructive that avoiding the negativity. When you do this you allow your innate knowledge-wisdom to grow. Wisdom does not grow in an agitated, confused and restless mind. Remember happiness is a choice: one you can make today and everyday.  *Go od mental health isn’t a gift: it is a habit you can cultivate. When you are ready, look closely at your fears and ask yourself the following questions:

1. Am I living my life the way I want to want to live my life?  If not, wh at is holding me back?
2. See if you can access your wisdom and explore if fear is ultimately holding you back; what is the fear?
3. What could you do realistically to face your fear?
4. What is the next step you have to take to make this happen?

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